About Us

Manufacturing Electrical Switchboard Devices

Kentan Engineering is a Perth-based company that specialises in the design, manufacture, and marketing of quality devices for the Electrical Switchboard industry.

The business was founded in 1987, and is based on many years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and type testing of LV switchboards and motor control centres.

Bus Plugs

Kentan Engineering manufactures Bus Plugs for individual mounting, direct connection to switch-fuse units, and for direct connection into vertically and horizontally installed moulded case breakers.

We are the only company in Australia, and possibly the world, that specialises in the adaptation of Bus Plugs to short circuit protective devices. We invite feedback from our customers, and are able to make designs and modifications to suit individual needs.

Our standard products are protected by Australian Registered Designs, and tests carried out by independent agencies have shown that Kentan Engineering Bus Plugs deliver superior performance compared to other similar brands.

Busbar Supports

In 1991, Kentan Engineering began manufacturing Busbar Supports to suit the 60mm phase centres of the Bus Plugs. These have seen a number of modifications and tests to keep pace with the demand for increasing thermal and short-circuit current ratings. We also import a range of Busbar Supports.


Beginning in 2000, Kentan Engineering started designing and making Retrofit Kits for withdrawable air circuit breakers. The kits are now installed at many facilities in Australia and New Zealand. These include: office buildings, shopping centres, telephone exchanges, mine sites, power stations, and other industrial plants.

Insulation Sleeving

Due to increasing concern for personnel and equipment safety in switchboards, Insulation Sleeving for busbars was introduced in 2005. Soon after, we followed this with a range of covers to insulate the busbar connections. The sizes of sleeving and joint covers are added according to customer requirements.

Remote Racking Devices for ACBs

The company designs and manufacture RRDs for the different brands of ACBs.

Quality Assurance

At Kentan Engineering, all aspects of our management and processes are governed by a Quality Management System, which certified by Bureau Veritas Certification to Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

Mission Statement

We treat our staff and customers with respect and strive to be ethical, inventive and economical in our designs and the manufacture of electrical equipment.

About Us